Are you sure you're using the right brush for your hair?

Whether you have thick curls or static-prone strands, we have the best expert-approved tools for your texture.

Epic Professional Wet Brush

MultiGrip Bristle Technology grabs the hair for better tension. What’s more, the ceramic coating has ionic properties – to break up and disperse water molecules for efficient heat styling with minimal tress distress – so you suffer from fewer split ends, brittleness or breakage.

The Wet Brush

The Wet Brush

The magic of the Wet Brush™ is in the specially formulated IntelliFlex™ bristles. IntelliFlex™ bristles are thin, strong and very flexible. They have intelligent flexibility – flexible on one stroke and firm on the next. The adaptive flexibility of IntelliFlex™ eliminates all tugging, tearing, pulling and ripping. No split ends, no hair loss. It provides healthy brushing and detangling, creating the perfect transition from wash to style! – Visit the Website

Great Lengths

Great Lengths Brush

Hair Extention Brushes

Hair extensions require a soft bristle brush that will not get caught in the synthesized protein bond. Great Lengths brushes can get close to the scalp which avoids matting around the bonds.

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